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thuja: noun. (thu·ja):
genus name for Cedar.


How a building performs impacts how the people function within it. From the moment you enter, an impression is made. At Thuja Architecture & Design, every aspect of every structure we work on is designed to make the right impression.

Based in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island and surrounded by natural beauty, the environment is deeply rooted in everything we do – from informing our designs to inspiring our company name. (Thuja is the genus name for cedar.)

We’re passionate about this relationship between design, people and nature. That passion and our ability to convey it are what set us apart.

At Thuja Architecture, we create spaces that are striking, innovative, ecologically responsible and cost-effective. Most importantly, we work collaboratively with our clients throughout the design process to understand their visions. And then we ensure we meet their needs.

Whether you are looking for residential, multi-family or commercial architectural design, our full-service studio brings practical, innovative and creative approaches to every project.

Innovative, ecologically responsible
and cost-effective spaces.

We work with private homeowners, developers and shareholder groups, such as municipalities, universities and First Nations organizations.

We understand that every one of our projects is someone else’s dream. It all starts with a conversation.